All About Patios

A patio is a paved lawn adjacent to your house that you can often use for small parties, dining or other recreational activities. The word derives its origin from Spanish language where ‘patio’ means back garden or backyard. In Spanish styles patios, it is the paved area between a residence and garden that is uncovered or roofless. However, in Australia the word patio often denotes a small adjacent balcony or veranda to the house.You can get additional information at Build & Price patio.

The American Institute of Architects in their Home Design Trend Survey (2008) have discovered that outdoor living spaces are one of the most popular options chosen by the people when it comes to decorating the house and utilizing the space efficiently. If you choose your furniture strategically, then probably you can turn the patio into an interesting living area.

While you are planning for a patio in your house, it is necessary to know for what you will be using the patio. Whether you want the patio to be a small cosy retreat for just two of you or whether you want it to be a small party area for an occasion when you invite 10-12 office colleagues – this will decide your patio size, furniture and decoration. Also it will help you decide on the material of the patio like concrete or brick.

Patios add style and a unique sense of comfort to your home. It can be gabled, or designed like a pyramid. You can also get yourself dome like patio. Not to mention, you can always ask your patio builder to personalize it for you.