Contest a Speeding Ticket: – 3 Easy Steps to Contest Your Ticket

If you have ever been pulled over for speeding, you know that you can feel helpless to contest a speeding ticket. Sometimes there is a good excuse for why you were going over the posted limit, while other times you really were speeding and feel like you are getting what you deserve. But it does not have to be that way. There are easy, completely legal was to contest your next speeding ticket, and the good news is most tickets are dropped or drastically reduced.

Three Easy Steps to Contest a Speeding Ticket
Step #1
Remain calm during the traffic stop, and always be courteous and respectful to the officer. This is your first chance to get the ticket waived, or get out of there with a warning – do not blow it by being aggressive or disrespectful with the officer! Explain your situation truthfully as to why you were speeding ticket, and ask to be given a warning. They may say no to a warning, but if you don’t ask you don’t give them a chance to say yes either.

Step #2
Know your options. Before you head back on the road know what your options are if you were issued a citation. Read the ticket carefully, and know when and where your court date will be, this is important for step 3.

Step #3
Go to your court date. Did you know that less than 3% of ticketed drivers go to court to contest their ticket, yet 50% of tickets contested in court get dropped and even more get reduced. Don’t think it’s worth your time to go to court? The average speeding ticket runs over $200, yet the average court hearing takes less than 15 minutes – that’s a pretty good hourly rate.

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