Porcelain Tiles For Your Home -Applications

Porcelain wall tiles can be used on countertops, backsplashes and shower walls though most of the times they are used for flooring. The porcelain coverings are produced in many sizes ranging from 10×10 inches through to 40×40 inches and large 60×60 inch and 60×120 inch formats which are used to clad exteriors of commercial facades. The porcelain tiles are generally available in natural, smooth, polished and structured finishes. This type of tile is ideal for interior and exterior floors and walls and facades of buildings. Available for both interior and exterior purpose, porcelain tiles have significant versatility. Outdoor porcelain plates are often used for gardens, porch and exterior areas, because of their durability.

Mosaic Ceramic Tiles, some mosaic tiles are made of ceramic. In some homes ceramic mosaic tiles are used for the entire bathroom which can be rather expensive. Ceramic tiles are mostly used in commercial restrooms covering the floors and the walls. Mosaic tiles are beautiful and extremely durable, water and bacteria resistant and need little maintenance.visit website for more details about the Porcelain Tiles For Your Home.

Glazed Tile, a most commonly used product used by homeowners for wall tiling is the glazed tile, because of their durability and the variety of colors and textures available at tile stores. They are glossy or matte finished, highly polished and stain-proof. Many glazed tile designs feature beautiful faux finishes like granite, limestone and slate. They come in different shapes and sizes and they are often machine made.

The porcelain tiles are much harder and thicker than the ceramic tiles and therefore can be used in homes as well as high-traffic commercial areas. Its hardness is making the installation a little more difficult and requires special tools for cutting and shaping. Therefore it is better to get extensive training or to hire a professional to install the porcelain tiles for your home flooring project.